Is that a Lace Mask You’re Hiding Behind?

December 20, 2015
by danniepdx

If you’re going to a party you may want to work up your flair a bit, and we have just the thing that will do that – a lace mask. Who’s that diva? No seriously who is she – she’s so hot! That’s what they’ll all say about you.

Have you seen these sexy masks? They’re lacy and delicate. Not quite subtle, but certainly less blatant than your typical mask. They’re far more flattering too. For real. Who wants one of those bulky plastic masks when you can have something that accents your own inner goddess form?

Come on in to Dannie’s Boutique and get behind this. You know you’re going to look absolutely fabulous in it at the next shin dig you go to. It’s a given and it’s a great accessory to have on hand for spontaneous fun because, it can just roll up and be put away in your purse or wallet. We love this and we know you will too!


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