Women’s Gloves Are Quite Handy for a Portland Winter

December 19, 2015
by danniepdx

Women’s gloves are really useful, especially since 99% of people who live in Portland actually have 2 hands!! Amazing! I bet you’re one of them too. Well, if not then you’ve got one or two less problems than the rest of us. We all have to worry about how to keep these buggers warm and fashionable. It’s not easy being blessed with appendages now is it?

Actually it can be a whole lot of fun if you have some really nice gloves. Go ahead and clean out your glove box. Did you find any cute gloves in there? Bland? Boring? Too arctic for your tastes? It’s a problem easily solved at Dannie’s Boutique!

Come to Dannie’s and we’ll show you how cute your hot little hands can be in these totally tasteful mittens. Buy a couple extra pairs for a friend or your Mom! Is that a hand you have there or a spectacular display of perfection! We’re going with the latter on this one. We think you should too.


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