Winter Style Prescription – Sweater Hats

December 23, 2015
by danniepdx

Think you can go through this Northwest winter without a hat? Why would you want to! Sure, there’s a trend going around where everyone seems to be wearing nothing but the same old bland beanie, but you don’t have to be that boring dreary nobody.

Enter stage-left: Sweater Hats! Well, they may not be a whole new hat-kind exactly, but they sure are unique. They’re basically a beanie with a sweater style design flair. Seriously… how cute will you look when your beanie totally matches your holiday sweater?

These limited run special sweater hats are here today and gone tomorrow, and you’ll stay fashionably cute all winter long if you get one while you can. Come on in to Dannie’s today – the only place you’ll find hats like these any time soon.


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