Meet Dannie Weller & Anna Ning

Dannie Weller

Dannie Weller, as watercolor artist, migrated to the United States from China in 1995, to exhibit her work. She quickly fell in love with the U.S. and has lived here ever since. In addition to her art career, Dannie was a fashion designer and owned a clothing store in China.

While most of her time in the states focused on her art, and raising a family, she recently felt the desire to get back into the fashion retail industry and launched Dannie’s Boutique in 2015. As an artist, Dannie is very sensitive when it comes to color and fashion, and her background gives her a unique perspective for helping people find the right look and style.

It’s with a passion for all things beautiful and seeing the world that Dannie ventures off to all points to seek out unique products for the boutique. Of course, she still does a great deal of work in the studio, producing watercolor works that reflect her love of natural beauty.

Anna Ning

Dannie’s God-daughter, Anna immigrated to the U.S. in 2010. She was raised in rural China, and left her family at the age of 14 to help provide for her family. As a young girl, Anna always dreamed of owning a clothing store so she was thrilled to join Dannie in the boutique!

Anna is a skilled artist as well, producing many of the handmade items in the shop. It’s with that artist’s eye that she also loves to put ensembles together for her customers, who quickly become her friend.

Anna’s philosophy is based on an honest and genuine approach and that she and Dannie want their customers to be not only beautiful and confident – she wants them to feel like welcomed friends!


Coco is the resident people pleaser, an English Springer Spaniel that loves to go on hikes, chase tennis balls, and lounge around on the couch, and meet as many new people as she can. Coco loves this store because of that… well that and it’s also a great way to get plenty of treats! Come say ‘hi’ to Coco next time you stop in!

The Store

We have a medium sized store with lots of seasonal items imported from south Asia, sourced from different companies.

You can walk through the store and look for the clothing you like to wear. We have all different colors and sizes to fit you. Our clothes are mostly made of cotton & linen material. It is very comfortable, flexible, and fashionable. You can wear it at the office, parties, or just casual.

We also have an exclusive selection of jewelry, scarves, shoes, and hats that accessorize well with our clothes. You really can walk out of our store with a complete “perfect look”. Our merchandise is stylish, savvy, and accommodating. Whether you have a specific occasion in mind or just come to check things out, you’re sure to see something you like here and can’t find anywhere else.

Come on in to see the beautiful possibilities at Dannie’s Boutique!